the earth diaries


The Earth Diaries is a mischievous and haunted herb garden. This is a garden in which the yearnings we bestow on growing things are made somehow material. Between leaves and petals wind strange whisperings and half-heard music. Visitors to the garden experience odd connections between their movements around its geography, and what they hear. And when they return on a stormy day, it is as if the weather itself has churned up the garden’s heart and only troubled voices meet them.

The Earth Diaries is a project in limbo and was never completed.


whilst they dig for roots in the next room, she scurries through the books cluttering hers. These are herbals – new ones and older ones, some with paling pages stained with earth and rain. She hears them scurrying for pleasure and turns page after page, stopping briefly to read, until she finds the combination she needs.

Random images from the archive

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