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The Knitting Map

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The work

half/angel made work for theatres, galleries and outside spaces between 1995 and 2006. This work always has a poetic sensibility, grounded in Jools’ writing, and elaborated through a decade of collaboration in embodied practices.

We often worked with emerging technologies, but this was always as a tool to investigate content / modes of interaction with our audience / visitors.

We were sometimes known as a dance company; our corporeal curiosity revels in the professional dancing body, but also lurches beyond it to other kinds of bodies and embodied contexts.

We were a company that made unsettling installation spaces (The Lios 2004), haunting and raucous dance theatre (The Secret Project 1999), large-scale site specific performance with dozens of non-professional performers (The White Quadrangle 2005), as well as vast audacious projects which resist conventional forms (The Knitting Map 2004-5).

The company also had a research sensibility; we write about our work in journals and books, and we have both written PhDs on the company’s work.

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