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“Quiet, moving, and modestly unspectacular, The Secret Project which I observed was an inspirational obliteration of much new media work, where ideas and emotions prevailed over the modes of their communication.”

Sophie Hansen, Animated, Autumn 1999

“Any magic that happened came not from high-tech gimmicks, but from the performers and Jools Gilson-Ellis’s beautiful text. This brought us into a magic-realistic world of snow-ghosts who trip you when you walk in the snow, or words that themselves fall.”

Michael Seaver, The Irish Times, 9 Nov 1999

“In a way Jools Gilson-Ellis is the choreographer as storyteller.”

Seona Mac Reamoinn, The Sunday Tribune, 7 Nov 1999

“Finding the links in the physicality of writing and dance is yet another interesting strand of half/angel’s work. A sort of ‘can you tell the dancer from the text.’ ”

Michael Seaver, The Irish Times, 2 Nov 1999

“The texts written by Gilson-Ellis are simple and poetic, rather like an extended form of haiku. She is also given to an earthy brand of humour.”

Maureen Kelleher, The Irish Examiner, 31 Oct 1999

” ‘We are interested in the processes of concealment and layering that happens in the making and taking and giving away of secrets.’ ” (Article: “Irish Artists Delete Lord of the Dance”)

Julie Pithers, Fast Forward (Canada), 30 Sept 1999

“…and the delicacy of Jools Gilson-Ellis’s performance in The Secret Project, created with Richard Povall, suggested that motion-sensor technology, could sometimes create effects as subtle as live dancing.” (article: “Computer Nerds Meet Tutus; Pas de Deux for Dancers and Technology”)

Jennifer Dunning , The New York Times, 3 March 1999

“Jools is writing and inventing scenarios incessantly, contributing her great poetic gift and jubilant laughter to the group.”

Johannes Birringer, Media & Performance: Along the Border

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