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The Secret Project – Full Performance Text

twice turning

(inbreath) (inbreath) trip, shift to side. over slow, down. (breathe) runs, slipping up over. over down. (outbreath). fall (breath). down and wide. singing out over wide, to the left. wide. ocean. I have you. I’m falling. (outbreath) (two small sighs overlapping) sings, root of her, (outbreath). touchlight, falling, waterlight, over. ache. high, falling and over (escapes) (small breath). seeming. shift and echo to the side. twice turning. fly lightful, air wards, cleanly (breathe), small flicks passionful. keep sky, out over down. aches two. light folding over. small secrets, up over down. twice turning. stop (outbreath) (outbreath)


I have your


in me

snow ghosts

Walking slowly in the snow, she trips. When she looks to see how she stumbles, there is nothing there. No root or stone. She walks on. The light shifts and moves across the tree line, blinding her a little. She trips again, as if over a branch or a rock, but the path is smooth with compressed snow.

Later, she sits in the valley café drinking tea, and Joe comes in & moves into the booth across from her. “I’m not falling” she says. “I know” he says. “It’s snow ghosts, tripping me.” “I know” he says & turns to order coffee.

Play Snow Ghosts

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