The Company

half/angel was an arts and performance production company based in Ireland and England. The company was formed in 1995 by Jools Gilson-Ellis and Richard Povall and ceased to make new work in 2006.

half/angel developed a distinctive body of work through the long-term interdisciplinary partnership of its co-directors. This was characterised by a poetic use of new and emerging technologies, with platforms including CD-ROM, installation and performance, and contexts including an urban dock, a rural headland, a university quadrangle and a community of knitters.

Richard’s work as a sound and video artist includes the development of intelligent performance environments closely tuned to the poetic gesture of Jools’ writing. Jools is a choreographer and writer with a strong sense of the poetic possibilities of emerging technologies. Our work is notable for its unsettling use of voice, movement and sound.

half/angel has been a resident company at STEIM (Amsterdam), Institute for Choreography & Dance (Cork), andThe Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada). Our research into performance environments which connect physical, vocal and sonic gestures has been critically as well as artistically important in the field of Performance Studies.

Random images from the archive

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