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…from conversations with the local community in East Cork. Recordings by Jools Gilson, editing by Richard Povall.

Play Clara: the water was cold
Play Nora: collecting the donkey
Play Packy: birds getting bigger
Play Toddy: the engineer from Cork City
Play Madge: he decided to burn it
Play Nora: tides and gales
Play Packy: the boreen from Warren
Play Toddy: death of a brother
Play Madge: dancing on the Líos
Play Packy: telling ghost stories
Play Richie: like hell!
Play Nora: carrigeen
Play Packy: the lioses
Play Richie: phosphorescent beach

From Jools’ audio diaries

Play 3 March 2004
Play 25 February 2004
Play 4 February 2004
Play 25 February 2004
Play 14 January 2004
Play 28 January 2004
Play 21 January 2004
Play 3 March 2004

Random images from the archive

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