The Secret Project

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half/angel’s dance theatre production The Secret Project was co-produced by The Banff Centre for the Arts and the Institute for Choreography & Dance, and was performed in Canada, Ireland and The Netherlands. The Secret Project implemented several years of performance research at The Banff Centre , and focused on the idea of the ‘secret’. The performers were Jools, Cindy Cummings and Mary Nunan.  

Performance of extracts from The Secret Project :

  • Sep 1999 – Navigating Intelligence, The Banff Centre, Canada
  • Mar 1999 – Int. Assoc’n of Word & Image Studies, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, US
  • Feb 1999 – International Dance and Technology, Arizona State University, US
  • Oct 1998 – Discipline & Deviance: Genders, Technologies, Machines, Duke University, US
  • Sep 1998 – Out of the Box: The Future of Interface, The Banff Centre, Canada

“I’m not falling” she says. “I know” he says. “It’s snow ghosts, tripping me.”

Random images from the archive

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