Writing about technology



  • halving angels: technology’s poem‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis & Richard Povall.
    Collected in the book New Visions in Performance: The Impact of Digital Technologies.


  • Speaking and Dancing at the Same Time: An Interview with Jools Gilson-Ellis‘ by Diana Theodores.
    Collected in the book Dancing on the Edge of Europe: Irish Choreographers in Conversation.


  • Mouth Ghosts: The Taste of the Os-Text‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis.
    Collected in the book Languages of Theatre Shaped by Women.


  • Loa & Behold: Voice Ghosts in the New Technoculture‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis
    Collected in the book Digital Creativity: A Reader.
    Re-printed from an article in the new media and arts journal Digital Creativity (2001).


  • A Little Technology is a Dangerous Thing.:‘ by Richard Povall.
    Collected in the book Moving History / Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader. 


  • Making Emotional Spaces in The Secret Project: Building Emotional Interactive Spaces‘ By Richard Povall.
    Collected in the book Consciousness Reframed


  • Girling Troubled Spaces: Choreography, Writing and BigEye‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis
    Collected in the conference proceedings International Dance & Technology 1999.


  • Get Your Feminism off My Floppy: Seedy ROMs and Technical Tales‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis
    Collected in the book Acts of Passion: Sexuality, Gender and Performance and published in the Journal of Lesbian Studies (1998). 


  • mouthplace CD-Rom: Interdisciplinary collaboration on screen ‘by Jools Gilson-Ellis
    One page introduction to thematic content and collaborative strategy of half/angel’s 1997 work mouthplace


  • Email from Johannes‘ by Johannes Birringer
    Email responding to the two texts ‘Getting Over-Excited’ and ‘Seeing and Hearing Speaking’. 


  • Getting Over-Excited ‘ by Jools Gilson-Ellis
    Short poetic polemic about the revolutionary potential of femininity, technology and orality. Written for a presentation at the Performance Studies Conference at the Georgia Institute of Technology, US, in April 1997. 


  • Adding Video into the (Real) Time Domain‘ by Richard Povall.
    Published in the journal Organised Sound.

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