Poetic texts from The White Quadrangle


Fin & Vicky Duet – Text Extract

Vicky: There are echoes here. Every time I breathe it sends ripples, as if I’m looking at the world from underwater. Does it feel like that to you Fin? As if everything is here, and ordinary, but that there are ghosts under the flesh and stone of things? Old echos. I hear old echoes Finn, and they’re frightening me.

Fin: Vicky, listen to the rain falling, and watch your feet. See how your feet are wet on the grass? Do you see mine beside yours? That’s real Vicky. You and me, here on the grass, getting wet.

Vicky: I’m falling Finn. I’m falling.

Fin: Vicky, it’s only the air at dusk. Sometimes when it falls like this, it feels as though it could take you with it.

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Boole Texts – Text Extract

perfect squares
There are four perfect squares of green, said George, Lead me there, she said. I want you to take me there. It isn’t a place for a young woman, the man said. I’m going, she said, and he smiled and took her hand, and led her out into the sunshine and walked with her towards the west.

It’s about the symbolic representation of figures, said George. It’s quite beautiful, it brings together pure mathematics and logic. I am thrilled that such a thing came to me! Entirely thrilled. Put on a scarf, my darling, it’s a foul night, terribly wet. Yes, yes my dear, of course. A beautiful thing!

I have already dealt with the transformation of homogenous functions by linear substitutions, very much inspired by Lagrange’s Mécanique Analytique. And furthermore – I will free mathematics from the tyranny of number systems!

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Independent Texts – Text Extract

There are ghosts here, didn’t you notice? Were you always so intent on getting from one place to another, that you couldn’t see?

What’s under here? There’s nothing under there. Nothing.

Who is here? She said quietly. Oh, said the small girl, I couldn’t tell you that, but they will come if you listen.

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