Poetic texts from The Líos

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The following texts (written originally for the dance theatre work Spinstren) were installed on the walls of a separate gallery space during the exhibition of The Lios at The Triskel in 2004. This shift of texts from choreographic and verbal performance to visual exhibition reflects half/angel‘s interest to the ways in which disciplinary forms impact on meaning.

Purple Pink

Strange purple-pink sea lichen lines the pools left on the rocks, and in them delicate feather weeds move in the heartbeat of the ocean.

Layer Cake

Here the rocks line up in channels, as if some great layer cake had fallen over sideways.


She slips on the wet rock, landing sharply on her arse. The fall winds her, and she turns to see the hawk dip low over the cliff.

Beautiful Creature

Oystercatcher Haematopus Ostrallegus
Two of them flying low over the water at low tide. Beautiful creatures


Out in the hinterlands things are different. Out beyond the rocks, beyond the birds, beyond the waves – even beyond the blackness of the lighthouse on its island, and its red wink. Beyond all that. Beyond the patina of living things. Beyond terrified bunnies sprinting, arse bouncing skywards. Beyond sheep and soot and ordinary things. Beyond rain in the afternoon. Beyond wet blackberries and aching sloes. Beyond rocks, purple and otherwise. Beyond sea-ridden plastic and other ocean ephemera. Beyond moving clouds. Beyond wind and hawks and all the seabirds she doesn’t know the name of. Beyond lichen and beach herbs, she also doesn’t know the name of. Beyond fingers picking up driftwood kindling. Beyond the hundreds of strange blue jellyfish that landed here in August. Beyond coldness. Beyond tripping on the rocks and looking into the hole in her leg. Beyond swimming in the cold sea to stop it from bleeding. Beyond lobster pots and carrageen and falling sheep. Beyond twilight. Beyond all tides. Beyond weeping and singing out to sea. Beyond fishing boats and passenger ferries and cargo ships. Beyond caravans. Beyond erosion. Beyond the smooth grey armchair rock at the head of the swimming beach. Beyond dancing. Beyond any photograph. Beyond unsteadiness. Beyond all this. Beyond. Beyond.

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